Dear Karla and Eric,

During the holiday season, we remember those people who made an impact on our life. Kim and I are enjoying our move from Minnesota to another state, but we still think fondly of great people like you who helped us make this dream come true. I still can’t believe how fast you were able to sell our house and arrange our closing.

We’ve long wanted to try living outside Minnesota. Offered a job in June 2005, we were scarcely prepared for a sudden interstate relocation. With so much to do, we turned to a family member who was also a real estate agent to sell our house. Our house sat on the market for almost 100 days without an offer. Incredible emotional and financial strain was endured by our entire family. Toward the end, we were carrying two mortgages and pulling out all the stops.

We finally got started with the both of you after six weeks of nudging from a friend. Immediately, we noticed the highest level of professionalism and thoughtful advice. You communicated regularly via telephone and email. You patiently answered all our questions. Your familiarity with the local market helped us know what to expect, and your initial estimates were extremely accurate. All this at 30% less than our relative had been charging us.

Within a week of signing with Karla and Eric Peterson we were impressed. You did everything you said you would do and more. You advised us to make some simple upgrades to our home, found reputable contractors, and helped us coordinate payment to them. We couldn’t have done better ourselves, even if we were in Minnesota.

When friends and family asked how things were going with our new realtor, we simply smiled and reported: our realtor is amazing. Having exhausted favors from local friends and family, we depended on you absolutely. You could have said no to any one of our requests, but instead, you voluntarily took on more and more beyond the call of duty. No matter what issue presented itself, you were always there with an expedient solution.

Here’s what you did to separate our house from the others on the market:
• Provided high quality digital photos on the MLS web site
• Provided a professional-quality video presentation set to music
• Contacted your network of local agents to generate showings
• Researched and coordinated certifications, inspections, and contractors
• Arranged for a professional cleaning to make our house look its very best
• Recovered and recycled items left behind during our frenzied evacuation
• Helped us address items found in the home inspection
• Performed minor repairs on your own time
• Took steps to keep down closing costs
• Replaced our prized door knocker from the Czech Republic and shipped it to us
• Used email, FAX, and power of attorney to transmit documents (avoiding expensive flights to MN)

It’s rare to find such quality customer service in any industry these days. While the list above is impressive, you did more than that: you found a buyer for our home and arranged a closing within three weeks of listing with us!

You stood head and shoulders above our expectations and got us the funds we needed. Thanks for all you did to help us start our new lives.

With kind regards and a bright sunrise,
Jason & Kim

Give Karla Peterson a call at:  (651) 983-7114

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